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Enterprise search is a structure which enables all kinds of data -whether within or without the Enterprise – to be indexed and searched for by using only one interface.
Today , Search is more than finding information. Search creates value by creating connections. Search connects user to the answers, experts, analytics, network, documents, and products that they need.

FAST ESP is a search technology that fundamentally alters the ability of an enterprise to manage and use its information to more effectively compete in the around-the-clock business world.
Running on low-cost, high-performance servers, FAST ESP is a precision-engineered enterprise search platform that includes single-point access to the enterprise’s global data and information repositories. Some of the world's best known and most respected companies are already using FAST ESP technology, and are on-record attesting to its effectiveness.

FAST ESP creates a single point of access for all enterprise information, enabling people to find all the accurate, relevant information they need, and also to discover information that they may not have known exists.

Advantages of FAST ESP
  • Helps you search  through  more than one source for only one query
  • Helps you reach Enterprise Information Sources more quickly
  • In accessing  content,it shows the possibly related data to the user and therefore provides faster and effective access to correct information
  • Retrieves or accepts content from web sites, file servers, application-specific content systems, and direct import via API
  • Transforms all content into an internal document representation
  • Analyzes and processes these documents to allow enhanced relevancy
  • Indexes the documents and makes them searchable
  • Processes search queries against these documents
  • Applies algorithms or business rule-based ranking to the results
  • Presents the results along with the navigation options

FAST ESP is a complete enterprise search platform that offers key, game-changing capabilities to its customers and their users such as Contextual Insight, Contextual navigation, Deep analysis, Maximum transparency, Extreme performance, Configurability.

Key Features:
FAST ESP, indexing the content provider to convert the data by making structural, is a platform that makes serchable data. The primary role of the FAST is indexing "keyword"s, by using the search result is to achieve the correct data.
After obtaining to the right data, to present it how to pass this data to the user is addresses to web interface development so that the process remains beyond the FAST process,. According to the FAST search technology provides the correct data and Navigator.

Data Capture: FAST ESP has the ability of capturing the data from any sources (database, Web Page, Document Management System, File System).

Data Analysis: According to the content provider’s type, size and creation date, variety of analysis can be made and data in accordance with the rules can be set in the index.

Data Indexing: Converts obtained and analyzed data to the searchable structure.

Classifies Search Results: Provides the user classified results of the search according to the user's written text.
Semantic Matching; indexed information semantically matches with the user query.

Presentation and Control of Search Results: Provided SDK integrates with the "custom” of applications. Thus, the search results can be presented in the desired manner.

Content Sources
File System: Supports 400 + file type.
Document and Content Management Systems: SharePoint Server, Lotus, Documentum, Vignette and so on.
RMDBS: SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, DB2.
Web Crawler: Web sites and RSSler.
Connectors: SAP, ESCENIC

Language Support: Advanced Turkish Language Support is located.

Usage Areas:
  • Internal Applications: Research Portals, Document Management Systems, data bases, Federation Networks, File Systems
  • Client Applications: e-Commerce, classifications, Content Portals.
Integration and Development Tools
Integration can be done across the platforms by using  Content SDK and Search SDK.

Audio & Video Search
Certain areas of recorded video and audio files will be tagged by using the "text to speech" technology via FAST ESP  and they will become searchable afterwards.

FAST ESP Federated Search supports the industry standards such as the Semantic Search, Linguistics, Taxonomy (subject, content, and according to the behavior), Synonym, Anti Phrases as well as new and powerful technologies.
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