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High-Performance Computing Solutions
The current computer technology allows processing the complex data which will take days to process much more rapidly and correctly.
The current data computations have become very complicated and comprehensive that the GRid concept has emerged so that these processed can be made rapidly and efficiently. In simple terms, “Grid” is to create a huge computing power by bringing the processors, memories and data storage sources of the computers in hand used for different purposes together under a single virtual structure.

Grid is generally the combination of the different computing systems in different locations in a common pool. The High Performance Computing (HPC) systems, on the other hand, are created by connecting the same type computers in the same location with each other through the network Technologies such as infiniband and myrinet of which is low and the bandwidth is high under the clustering architecture. Using these methods provides “Super Computer” infrastructure that is open to unlimited expansion.

Grid and HPC systems can be used for more than one user for more than one computation simultaneously. It is compulsory to distribute the load among the processors in the most effective way so taht any given computation could be solved in the fastest manner. The HPC system that has no load balancing and management software is like a computer that has no operating system. Since this layer is the core of the HPC System, Proline uses the highest performing “Platform LSF” software in HPC Solutions.

Both Grid and HPC Technologies has been paved for studies on the computer based new algorithms and Technologies in some major areas like Medicine, Education, Aerospace, Chemistry and Physics. Thus, it is possible to reduce the computations that take days even months in the following areas to hours.

  • Financial calculations
  • Crashing and Tilting simulations 
  • Fluid modeling 
  • Weather forecast and climate modeling, Sea pollution simulation 
  • Calculated Chemistry 
  • Calculated Physics
  • Calculated Structural Analysis 
  • Defense and security modeling 
  • Distributed patient database
  • Health Grid 
  • Heart-vessel modeling 
  • Genetic and DNA modeling 
  • Protein folding and medicament modeling 
  • Nuclear Fallout simulation 
  • Government Archives and Digital record database 
  • Crash and Roll over simulation
The workstations and servers taken into different Project groups in different times can serve only their own group. Even if the workload of a group has increased too much, it cannot use the idle sources of the other group. With LSF platform you can create a virtual computing network by combining all the sources. All your workstations can be combinaed in a comman pool and the best suitable idle source at that time can be used by the user. 

Proline HPC team analyses the requirement and conceptualize the project  fort he optimum hardware and software components fort he HPC and Grid infrastructure. Thus, the computing infratructure that has the highest performance according to the requirement will have created at the optimum cost. The technical support team gives 7/24 support to the tunkey projects.
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