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Network Security Solutions

Firewall and VPN Solutions

Since the first implementation of internet and network, technologies that provides data security solutions for corporate are also expanding simultaneously.
Firewall technology is one of the first expanding technology to protect the corporate data from unauthorized local network and internet attempts.
Corporates are attending to use remote locations collaborating with local structures which raise the need of mobile colleagues. Virtual Private Network has become a mandatory solution in this case.
Proline captures the latest Firewall and VPN technologies and provides professional services to corporate for more reliable and secure data sharing experience.

IP and IDS Solutions
Corporates are threaded day by day under the immeasurable rising of internet usage. So the importance of protection solutions are rising simultaneously.
Reaching the personal and corporate data is more incline through illegal attempts.  Today, it is even more important to predetermine the attempts and immediately take action for these attacks.
Proline provides professional services for corporates to identify weaknesses sides upon illegal attempts.
The newest IPS (Intrusion Prevention Sytem) and IDS (Intrusion Detection System) technologies are captured by Proline to provide professional solutions such as designing, project management, installation and support services.

NAC Solutions
NAC Technology (Network Access Control) is a recently rising solution that minimizes internal threats. It is a fact that, attempts are mostly performed form local networks even they are performed consciously or unconsciously. NAC Technologies are high reliable technologies in this scope.
Proline provides professional NAC Technology Solutions through;
  • Without need of “Nac Agent” installation
  • Without adjusting switch infrastructure 
  • Without configuration of switch’s
  • Preventing interaction between quarantine devices 
  • Not only on entry level, keeping on protection after accessing the network 
  • Zero-Day  protection on network
and provides highly effective NAC Technology Solutions on corporate network.
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Communication Network Security Solutions