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Integrated Network Solutions
Telephone is the most common communication way from past to today. Traditional phone technologies have limited abilities and cannot increase the effectiveness of business processes. This old technology also causes highly increases the costs.

With IP Telephone technology, voice communication is aligned with integrated network and costs are decreasing naturally. With no need of a dedicated wiring or any other infrastructure, IP telephones brings easy opportunities for future demands such as enhancement or location changes.

Telephony costs of corporate, especially which have multi locations, can be significantly decreased with this technology. Cost of mobile personnel can also be reduces, through installing dedicated applications on their computers, and can be used as desktop phone. As a result, costs are significantly decreasing while usability and effectiveness is increasing.

Ip telephones have flexible capability for voice/video conferencing, integrated messaging and software/program support. This technology delivers new opportunities for corporates.
With integrated messaging technologies, voice messages, e-mails and also fax traffic can be easily coordinated. By this integration, secretary and call center costs are decreasing. Personnel who are out of office can easily reach all kind of messages remotely as easy at office.

Another important point is that, video and voice conference solutions are significantly reducing the travel and organization costs. With this technology, meetings, educations, seminars and other kind of events can be performed effectively and waste of time during transportation can also be saved.

Proline has “Advanced Unified Communications” specialization from Cisco Systems which is a global leading partner. With professional personnel and extensive know how, Proline provides corporates integrated communication solutions through designing, installing managing and monitoring.

Wireless communication technology solution is the raising technology that provides mobility for personnel which highly increases effectiveness. In another point, it is a fact that, wiring is one of the significant costs for corporate. Wireless communication technology solutions have capability to significantly decrease these costs.
Not only notebook usage, increase at usage of tablets, PDA’s, wireless telephones and even RFID solutions are pioneering wireless network solutions.

Out of building solutions abut wireless technologies are also increasing effectiveness of usage and reducing the costs for wiring. This technology also provides a flexible infrastructure for future demands, which is very important.
Proline captures the newest technologies and provides professional solutions starting from feasibility which is the most important point to designing, managing and monitoring.

Co-operation between employees at diffused business structures is a significantly important case and local and remote area network solutions are indispensable for these structures.
Network solutions cover data transactions between all business processes which are highly reliable and fast. These solutions are covering analyzing, coding, integration with active network devices, managing, monitoring and supporting processes.

Proline captures the newest technologies and provides professional services to fit best solution.
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