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Success Stories
Show TV, has laid the foundations of HD broadcasting with HP!


It was required to perform the inventory modelling and monitoring of the active and passive units provided by Superonline, Turkey’s innovative telecom operator, in its own fiber optic network.

Considering this requirement, Superonline has resorted to the provision of these requirements by outsourcing the following procedures:

  • Modelling of network structure from telephone ecxhange to client
  • Service follow-up of contractor
  • Modelling of building interior
  • Modelling of building exterior
  • Association of route and cables
  • Eye modelling of manholes
  • Network plannings and cost analysis
  • Provision of system security, granting of required user permits
  • Provision of access and communication of data from a central system to other different units
  • Corporate source management
  • Internet applications towards geography-based clients
  • Subscriber follow-up system


  • Retention of entire network inventory on the geographical base
  • Determination of new investment areas and constitution of effective investment plans
  • Ability to perform the modelling, application and inquiry of telephone exchange equipment, transmission equipment and access components from the telephone exchange up to the end user
  • Provision of support facilities (planning, project, application and acceptance stages) for the monitorring of the project process in accordance with cable type capacity (copper – fiber), access distance, occupancy rate and equipment status; provision of effective use of inventory by faster establishment of service relation and determination of new investment requirements
  • Ability to constitute strategical data which will specify client segmentation, ability to quickly develop new plans and applications which will reduce the risks which are particularly likely to exist in the carrier network and provide Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Ability to perform all kinds of inquiries required by development of specific additional modules for users
  • Provision of reduction in investment and operational expenses
  • Provision of growth in income obtained by faster introduction and application of new services


Telcordia Network Engineer software that runs on ESRI ArcGIS Technology is a custom product developed for the telecom sector which includes an easy-to-use, wide range interface that provides the establishment and association of fiber and copper network connections from the client to the telephone exchange and the modelling and management of network equipment.

The working instruments provided by Network Engineer enables the viewing, modelling and management of the external network inventory (routing, cable, client points, etc.) and internal network inventories (floor plans, shelf rooms, manhole cross-sections, etc.) stored in Telekom GIS (Geographical Information Systems) on the same map screens.

With Network Engineer:

  • You can access the data regarding all financial items performed within the body of the network and perform budget follow-up
  • You can manage your work power
  • You can benefit from the flexibility of the program and integrate new softwares, perform inquiries and applications
  • You can provide the integration with other OSS (Operational Support Systems)

What is performed in Superonline

  • Provision of the installation of Network Engineer Platform
  • Constitution of Telecom Network Inventory
  • Space Data (Building, Floor plans, etc.)
  • Active Systems (Equipment, Slot, Plug-in, Port)
  • Passive Systems (Trenching, Fiber, Manhole, etc.)
  • Telcordia Geographical Database Design and constitution of Inventory Model
  • Modelling of the related stages of the project process
  • Trainings (Admin, End User)

Istanbul HeadQuarters
Şerifali Mah. Beyan Sokak
No:66 34775
Ümraniye - İSTANBUL
Phone: +90 (216) 528 62 00
Fax: +90 (216) 528 63 00

Ankara Regional Office
The Paragon
Ufuk Üniversitesi Caddesi
No:3 Kat:23
06520 Çukurambar
Çankaya - ANKARA
Phone: +90(312) 265 07 00
Fax: +90(216) 528 63 00
Proline Qatar
P.O. Box 12481
Doha - QATAR
Phone: (+974) 4450 2555
Fax: (+974) 4450 2666
Success Stories Show TV, has laid the foundations of HD broadcasting with HP!