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Success Stories
Proline Signature under ISKI's Disaster Recovery Project.
Turn the server platform on which Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (ISKI) Subscribers Database and MIS database applications run into a more reliable, more flexible, more continuous, better performing, and expandable platform. Besides, create the business-critical server infrastructure necessary to ensure system operability in case of disaster.
Products and Services used
2 HP Superdome servers, each of which has 3 physical partitions, 16 Intel Montvale processors, and 64 GB memory. Software necessary to enable these servers to operate in cluster architecture with each other. (HP ServiceGuard License to Use, ServiceGuard for RAC, etc.) Response in 4 hours 7/24, HP guaranty and support package 
An almost 100% continuity has been provided for the Subscribers and MIS databases as well as several critical applications, which are very critical to the administration, using the HP Superdome servers. Together with both the technological features of the server itself and the HP-UX operating system running on the server, a better performing server platform has been provided.
With the built-in scale-in feature of the HP Superdome servers used, an opportunity to expand up to 64 processors and 2 TB memory with additional hardware has been provided for possible expansion needs in the long run.
As a unique feature of the HP Superdome servers used, it is possible either to configure 16 servers on a single server, each one of which is composed of 4 processors and able to run independently of each other in terms of both software and hardware, or run it as a single server with 64 processors, if necessary, considering different performance and source needs. This feature enables to configure and use the server source in hand effectively in line with needs.
Within the scope of the project, 2 HP Superdome servers, each of which can expand up to 64 physical processors and 2 TB memory, have been used. There are 3 physical partitions and 16 processors on each one of the servers used.
The Subscribers Database, Management Information System (MIS), Data Warehouse, and the Document Management System applications have been transferred to HP Superdome servers.
The same applications have been installed on equal physical partitions of these servers, and these partitions have been configured so as to operate with each other in cluster architecture.
The HP Integrity servers in the ISKI Head Office, replaced by the HP Superdome servers, have been deployed in the Disaster Recovery Site in AKOM and ensured to run in the standby mode using the necessary hardware and software to ensure continuity of the system in case of any possible disaster at the centre.
Istanbul HeadQuarters
Şerifali Mah. Beyan Sokak
No:66 34775
Ümraniye - İSTANBUL
Phone: +90 (216) 528 62 00
Fax: +90 (216) 528 63 00

Ankara Regional Office
The Paragon
Ufuk Üniversitesi Caddesi
No:3 Kat:23
06520 Çukurambar
Çankaya - ANKARA
Phone: +90(312) 265 07 00
Fax: +90(216) 528 63 00
Proline Qatar
P.O. Box 12481
Doha - QATAR
Phone: (+974) 4450 2555
Fax: (+974) 4450 2666
Success Stories Proline Signature under ISKI's Disaster Recovery Project.