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“239th World's Fastest Super Computer”
   The developed countries which are the considered as the improvers in the field of technology have been performing their R&D activities by the aid of computers expressed as super-computers the performances of which exceed the performances of normal computers by a degree of thousands. Our obligation to invest in such technologies in order to enable our country to compete with other countries strategically is clear. For that purpose, ITU (Istanbul Technical University) has undertaken to establish the first Super-Computer infrastructure in Turkey and started the required works without any delays.
          The scope of this project realized by public sources is to provide expert human resources and knowledge in this area beyond providing computing power for industrial and academic researces and to establish a synergy center for high performance informatics applications. In this sense, ITU has started its activities in 2004. ITU, which has decided to co-operate with Proline at the stage of project preparation has thus accelerated its works by combining its theoretical and academic knowledge with the ipmlementation and project experience of Proline that offers high technology solutions.
          ITU which has installed the first super-computer of Turkey in 2006 by the integration of Proline which is is a Turkish company implicitly, has entered the world’s fastest computers list as the 353th by the system established. The new generation double core processor and the Infiniband network technology have been used for the first time as distinct from all other computers in the list in terms of technology. ITU has doubled its power in 2007 by updating updated the computer system which is included in the TOP500 list again by the integration of Proline. By this way, ITU has climbed in the list of World’s Super-Computers to become the 239th and reinforced Turkey’s name in the league of the giants.
          Again for the first time in Turkey, a parallel file system with 80TB net space was installed and integrated with the supercomputer system within the context of the project. The storage capacity of this system which is palled to serve throoughout Turkey has been enhanced to Net 560TB in 2008 by an increase of 480TB. In this sense, ITU has one of the world’s largest parallel filing systems.
          The super-computers the National Center for High Performance Computing Center consist of 1000 processors and have the capacity to perform more than 6 billion processes per second.
All calculations from earthquake simulation to weather forecasts
          The Super-computer infrastructure installed within the context of this project enable the performance of many works from plane-ship design to economical forecasts, earthquake simulations to defense industry, cancer rearches to medicine development which can only be performed abroad with high costs in our country. What’s more, many technical applications are simplified, providing significant time and cost savings for designers.
          For example, car crash tests in which two real cars are used in laboratory environment can be performed in virtual media via super-computers with hundreds of different scenarios. The capacity of the system which is open to all academic institutions and commercial institutions performing R&D activities shall be increased by continuous updating to provide for the requirements uninterruptedly with high performance.
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Success Stories “239th World's Fastest Super Computer”